We are commercial interior designers and project managers. Our role is to combine quality, function, comfort and style in the design of interior spaces, from new sites and refurbishments to renovations. Our approach is to merge our client's ideas with ours to produce useful and desirable environments suited to their business goals and image. We are employed to make form and function compatible, not mutually exclusive.

FORSITE FS DESIGN offers three distinct, yet complimentary services :

We plan design elements that shape and create aesthetics and traffic patterns ; the use of colour , materials, details and furnishing. Our knowledge of the latest materials and worldwide trends allow us to source the optimum solutions for fixtures, fittings, flooring and lighting. We design not for a first impression, but to make the right, lasting impression on clients and their clientele.

Project Management
We assist clients in establishing current and future space needs by preparing the necessary information to make not only creative, but also accurate, budgetary decisions. Bidding, negotiating and contract administration are also vital elements in getting the project from concept to reality. We assist with product procurement, sourcing of contractors, and establish budgets and timeframes.

The implementation stage is the part of the design process most in need of sensitive, timely and professional management. We have long experience of delivering projects in close collaboration with client appointed architects and specialist contractors. As designers and architects ourselves, we understand the vision behind a project and ensure it is finished down to the last detail, to budget and on time.